TM5100 Handheld Digital Teslameter

  • Introduction

    As upgrade type for TD8620, TM5100 is a portable, multi-functional magnetic field measuring instrument, equipped with a high-sensitivity, low-drift Hall sensor, and applied advanced digital signal processing technology, suitable for measuring the surface magnetic field of permanent magnetic materials and the remanence of mechanical parts , DC constant magnetic field, magnetic separator or iron remover, etc. It can be used as a basic magnetic parameter measuring instrument for magnetic material manufacturers and application units, machinery manufacturing enterprises, university scientific research units, etc.

  • Features

    l Magnetic field measurement: up to 2400 mT, automatic range switching, measurement uncertainty can be selected from 1, 2, and 5.

    l Magnetic field polarity display: directly display the N / S magnetism of the measured magnetic field.

    l One-key unit switching: The value can be mT (millites), G (gauss), 1 mT = 10 G. .

    l Maximum value retention: It is convenient to record the maximum magnetic field value when the magnetic field changes rapidly.

    l One-key zeroing function: used to eliminate the influence of zero drift on the measurement before measurement.

    l Built-in USB communication interface, convenient for data export or connection to sampling system.

    l Small size, light weight, low power consumption, very suitable for carrying to the scene measurement.

    l The standard configuration is a radial Hall probe, and an axial Hall probe is also optional to adapt to different measurement scenarios.

    l Zero drift calibration (Optional):It can be equipped with a special magnetic shielding cavity to realize the calibration of the zero drift of the instrument.

  • Specifications

    Range200 mT2000 mT
    Resolution10 μT100 μT


    Measurement Uncertainty
    TM5100-520 mT ~ 1000 mT:±2%
    1000 mT ~ 2400 mT:±5%
    Digits5-digit decimal

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