Why Must The Liquid Level Equipment Be Calibrated?

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We are often asked by customers, “ why must the liquid level equipment be calibrate?”, “what is the purpose of calibration?”.

The purpose of calibration:

First the calibration is for normal operation of equipment without fault; second according to related regulation, the equipment without inspection report and standardization is not acceptable.

Measuring standard varies in different countries in the world. In order to ensure normal operation, users must apply the same acceptable standard.Therefore every equipment must be calibrated. The measuring error is increased after the equipment is used for some time. Therefore every equipment must be calibrated regularly for stable precision.

Does the newly purchased equipment have to be calibrated before operation?

Some people think that newly purchased equipment can be used directly. In fact it is wrong. If there is calibration certificate or inspection certificate issued by authorized department for the newly purchased equipment, the equipment can be used directly without being calibrated again. Otherwise, the equipment must be calibrated according to the first calibration requirement. The certificate of approval issued by the manufacturer is only to certify that the equipment can meet the requirement of inspection standard upon shipment. But this certificate is not authorized.

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