Maintenance Tips of Liquid Level Measuring Instrument

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In order to lengthen life span of liquid level measuring instrument,it is necessary to maintain regularly. It is advisable to know the following tips: 

       1.Make a operation record marking the time when breakdown occurs and phenomenon for repair. 

       2.Be careful not to destroy the probe, button and cable.Operation must be stopped immediately upon breakdown. During working, the devices should not be turned off casually. Keep a habit that power off after all operation finishes. 

       3.After every maintenance clean the probe with dry cloth or tissue.

       4.After operation, power off the instrument. If the condition is poor, cover the instrument with dry cloth to avoid dust. Otherwise clean probe and button with a little ethyl alcohol on tissue to disinfect. Please be noted that there should not be too much ethyl alcohol otherwise the alcohol will penetrate the probe. 

       5.Keep external surface of instrument clean. Clean the surface with leaner on cloth regularly. The leaner should not penetrate the instrument. Dry it after cleaning to avoid dewing. 

       6.Clean the screen with only dry cloth. 

       7.Do not dismantle and pack the instrument within 10 minutes after the instrument is powered off. 

       8.If the instrument is not in use for a long time, disconnect the power supply. Put the probe, button and other accessories in box.  

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