Advantages of SMAGALL Portable Liquid Level Indicator

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Compared with Portable Liquid Level Indicator in the market, our indicator has several advantages as following:

1. Color OLED display with high contrast, can be used outdoors or under strong light;

2. Good man-machine interface design, measurement result can be known clearly throught the screen; 

3. Can be used directly without silicone grease;

4. Can also detect liquid level in non-standard tank;

5. Preset four kinds of common tanks, can be used conveniently on the spot.


1) Offer a simple, accurate, rapid and reliable method of determining the liquid level of CO2, Halon, FM200, Propane and any liquefied gas under pressure, without the need to move or weigh the cylinders. 

2) Detect liquid level of hazardous(explosive or poisonous) medium under high pressure in storage tanks. 

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