Potential Risks of Ball Tanks

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Normally ball tank is to store LPG with high pressure of less than 3 MPa. Therefore the main potential danger is explosion and fire caused by leakage of LPG. The main reasons of leakage is the following: 

The material does not meet the requirement of storing. After some time, ball tank can crack and leak due to stress change, rust or other reasons. For example, if the material of screw is of poor quality, after the screw is broken, there will be leakage.

When examining and repairing accessories or dismantle flange cover, if staff does not release interlock to cut off pneumatic valve and electric valve, valves will be open suddenly to cause leakage due to interlocking.

If devices do not work properly leakage can not be found in time. In addition to liquid level and pressure system display and control, if combustible gas alarming device does not work normally, the operation of storage tanks will be in blind zone.

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