Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

  • The portable liquid level indicator is designed to determine the presence or absence of liquid at a certain height in a container or pipeline. The liquid containers to be measured can be made of various kinds of materials such as metal, glass or un-foamed plastics. 

    Under ordinary conditions, the maximum wall thickness of the measured container is 30mm. The indicator can be used to detect various types of liquids (without crystallization or other particulate matter). Because of the innovation non-contact detection methods, this liquid level indicator is an ideal choice for detecting dangerous toxic or corrosive liquids.


    • No physical contact with medium.

    • Suitable for toxic, corrosive, or invasive media.

    • No drilling or welding required .

    • Reliable measurement results .

    • Simple and convenient to operate and maintain.

    • High-contrast OLED color display, suitable for outdoor use under strong light

      Button for simple operation.

    • OLED light indicating liquid level.

    • Intuitive user interface.

    • Bilingual operation modes (Chinese/English)Comprehensive software displays measurements simply and clearly

  • Measurable medium

    pure liquid, milky liquid, suspension liquid

    Applicable Tank

    • CO2 Tank with any of the following diameter ranges:


    • Common Tank:

       All tanks outside the above tank diameter ranges can be considered as common type.vertical tank / horizontal tank / spherical tank(diameter > 3M).

       The indicator has no requirements related to medium, height and pressure.

    说明: Application on site

  • Parameters

    Measurement accuracy


    Measurable range of wall thickness


    Measurable tank material

    Steel, stainless steel, glass, unformed   plastics

    Measurable medium

    Pure liquid, milky liquid, suspension   liquid

    Ambient temperature

    -20℃~60℃ (-4°F~+140°F)

    Ambient humidity


    Power supply

    2 18650 lithium batteries

    (supplied by customers)


    150mAh (on average)

    Operation Duration (fully charged)

    > 8 hours

    Model Selection:

    说明: 主图3_副本_副本_副本

    HS-MLI-1: For cylinder in front row.
    HS-MLI-2 HS-MLI-3: For cylinder in rows behind.

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