Top Mounted Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter

  • The ultrasonic liquid level gauge has the characteristics of safety, cleanness, high precision, long service life, stability and reliability, convenient installation and maintenance, and is applicable to various fields such as acid, alkali, salt, anti-corrosion, high temperature, etc.

    During measurement, the ultrasonic pulse of ultrasonic liquid level gauge is sent out by the sensor (transducer), the acoustic wave is received by the same sensor or ultrasonic receiver after being reflected by the liquid surface, and then converted into electrical signal by piezoelectric crystal or magnetostrictive device. The distance from the sensor to the measured liquid surface is calculated by the time between the transmission and reception of the acoustic wave.

    The ultrasonic liquid level gauge consists of three parts: ultrasonic transducer, processing unit and output unit.

    Level gauge measurement range: 0-40m, various forms are optional, suitable for various corrosive and chemical occasions, high precision, remote signal output, PLC system monitoring.

    The level gauge can be connected to the display meter or various DCS systems through 4-20mA or RS485 (Modbus protocol or other customized protocol) to provide real-time liquid level data for industrial automation operation.

  • Product Parameters


    Integrated   Type

    Measuring   Range

    0~40m(Chosen   based on actual measuring range)

    Blind Area



    0.3%(Standard   condition)




    Less than   two atmospheric pressure

    Connection   Type


    Meter   Display

    LCD   display

    Analog   Output


    Digital   Output

    RS485,   Modbus or customization agreement

    Power   Supply

    2 wire   DC24V/ 4 wire AC220V, lightning proof device installed inside

    Ambient   Temperature

    -30℃ ~+60℃

    Protection   Grade


    Ø  For circuit design, high-quality power modules are selected to be as power supply parts, highly stable and reliably devices are used as components.
    Ø  Patent sonic-wave intelligent technology software make intelligentized echo analysis. Any debugging and other special steps are not needed. This technology has functions of dynamic thinking and dynamic analysis.
    Ø  Sonic-wave intelligent patent technology greatly improves the meter’s precision up to 0.3%, which is enough to resist various interference waves.
    Ø  The level gauge can be installed in several different ways, and the user can make meter calibration according to the Manual.
    Ø  Protection functions such as lightning protection and short circuit prevention for input and output lines.

    Product Installation:


    Installation Diagram



    Power:AC220V orDC24V,4 ~ 20mA and RS485 (A B)sharing two terminal, SPST1 and SPST2 the corresponding parameters

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